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IPMI Parking & Mobility Conference & Expo
June 9-12, 2024


Sponsored Learning Labs

Sponsored Learning Labs are topic specific one-hour sessions with a focus on technology and operations - both the current landscape and future trends. Sessions can also include case study examples of technology and implementation. These sessions allow for presenter(s) to actively engage with participants to promote conceptual understanding and hands-on functions to yield immediate feedback through discussion. Allows attendees the opportunity to engage with presenter(s) immediately after or in their respective booth locations without taking you off the show floor. 


Monday, June 10

9:00 am - 10:00 am

Beyond Parking Compliance: Driving Efficiency through Technology and Engagement  

Speakers: Brittany Yokley, Senior Product Manager of Parking Enforcement, Passport and Adam Burke, CAPP, Senior General Manager, LAZ Parking

Ready to redefine parking compliance in your operation? Join us for a dynamic session where you’ll discover how to build a foundation that expands beyond mere compliance, incorporating training for parking enforcement officers, clear signage, and innovative technology. 

Optimize performance by leveraging technology in enforcement, adopting best practices for measurement and monitoring, and achieving a balance where compliance meets efficiency. Explore the transformative power of engagement, which can boost team morale and foster community involvement. From the perspectives of both enforcement management and technology development, we'll demonstrate how to use data to create a narrative that resonates with both your team and the public. Unlock the full potential of parking compliance as a tool for operational excellence.

9:00 am - 10:00 am

Digitizing the Curb with AI LPR: Medford's Path to Citizen-Centered Parking Solutions

Speaker: Faye Morrison, Parking Director, City of Medford, MAJames Olivieri, Enforcement Solutions Advisor, East Coast Operations, gtechna  

Join our captivating session to gain exclusive insights from Faye Morrison, Parking Manager at the City of Medford, MA, as she shares her expertise and experience in revolutionizing parking enforcement. Explore how Medford implemented a cutting-edge parking enforcement system in just 4 months, achieving a remarkable 95% compliance rate and fostering positive community relationships. Delve into Agile Procurement strategies and the transformative impact of cloud-hosted management on revenue generation.  

Additionally, learn about Medford's innovative plan to digitize the curb, a ground-breaking initiative that aims to address the challenges of growing vehicle diversity and curb scarcity. Through the implementation of cutting-edge parking management and enforcement technologies, Medford is providing the support necessary to meet mobility requirements and ensure resilience in the future. This is your chance to discover the keys to Medford's success in creating citizen-centered parking solutions.

4:00 pm - 5:00 pm

The End of Two-Putt Parking: How the Big Navigation Players are Bringing Parking to the Forefront of Trip Planning  

Speaker: Dan Roarty, Chief Digital Officer, Flash

The big navigation platforms-Google, Waze & Apple Maps-have spent countless engineering hours building solutions to help you get from A to B. Until now, they’ve ignored the most painful part of the trip - finding a parking space at their destination. Drivers today point their car to their destination and, only once they arrive, do they begin to circle in search of a lot. This is now changing. Through partnerships with Flash, these platforms are now facilitating easier parking discovery, reservation & payment in advance, making trips faster and more convenient for over 200 million monthly drivers combined. Capitalizing on this massive opportunity will require owners and operators to embrace new digital capabilities and manage their online presence like never before. Join us to gain insights into effective strategies, pitfalls to avoid, and how to position your organization for success in this evolving landscape.

4:00 pm - 5:00 pm

Public Private DEI Partnership (PPD’s): The New Paradigm in Partnership

Speakers: Susan Cole, Founder, Cole Ticket Solutions; Cindy Hefner, NorCal Regional Vice President, LAZ Parking; Robert Aicardi, Operations Manager, City and County of San Francisco (SFMTA)

You won’t want to miss hearing from the Founder of Cole Ticket Solutions (CTS), Susan Cole about creating a CTS Cole Cube ecosystem that works!

Discover how CTS Cole Cubes embody creativity and functionality, repurposing unused municipal assets to house essential revenue control products. This course highlights the unique Public Private DEI Partnership model that achieves operational efficiency while upholding diversity, equity, and inclusion goals.

This session not only explores the transformative impact of PPDs in the parking, transportation, and mobility sectors but also emphasizes the groundbreaking role of the Cole Cubes in revolutionizing revenue control product management. Learn how Cole Cubes, by partnering with LAZ Parking & SFMTA, significantly reduced costs by 25-40% through innovative logistics and fixed-rate services, directly contributing to a healthier bottom line and increased ROI for all stakeholders. Unravel the concept of "Tickets as a Service" (TaaS) model and how it streamlines procurement, significantly reducing turnaround times for ticket deliveries and enhancing operational efficiency for partners like SFMTA and Laz Parking.  With Cole Cubes, you'll explore automated, self-service technology for 24/7 product access, introducing a new era of contactless and efficient solutions.

Join us to gain comprehensive insights into leveraging PPDs for sustainable, efficient, and equitable solutions, with a special focus on the innovative contributions of Cole Cubes to the industry. Embrace the opportunity to contribute to a more inclusive and sustainable future, bolstered by the innovative and cost-effective approaches embodied by Cole Cubes. 

Tuesday, June 11


11:00 am - 12:00 pm

Unlock Modern Curb Management: New Tools and Policies Cities are Leveraging to Optimize their Curbs

Speakers: Regina Clewlow, Ph.D., CEO & Co-Founder, Populus; Alejandra Argudin, CAPP, Chief Executive Officer, Miami Parking Authority; Gregory Francese, AICP, Transportation Planner, City of Hoboken

Amidst the rise of shared mobility, ever-growing e-commerce goods deliveries, and autonomous vehicles, the pressure on city curbs has never been greater. Subsequently, cities are under pressure to optimize their curb management strategies. In this session we will detail the steps to successfully unlocking modern curb management. Key objectives:

- Learn about how cities are bringing together parking data from multiple vendors into a single source of truth for curb utilization and occupancy to support better decision-making.
- Review best practices for “coding the curb” to build a digital inventory of curb and parking regulations.
- Discuss the future of commercial loading zones and dynamic pricing to improve curbside utilization in cities.

Panelists from the cities of Hoboken and Miami Parking Authority will speak to their experiences and offer tactical tips for how other cities can learn from their experience.



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