Sessions: Tuesday, June 11

IPMI Parking & Mobility Conference & Expo
June 9-12, 2024


Education Sessions: Tuesday, June 11

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Tuesday, June 11

11 – 12:00 p.m.


Facing the Media on your Worst Day: Crisis Communications for Industry Professionals  

Presenter: Mark Weaver, ESQ, Communications Counsel, Inc.

A crisis will happen when you least expect it. Are you prepared? 

Most organizations have no tangible plan for communicating when a crisis occurs. This typically leads to a disorganized, unfocused response. As a result, public confidence in your organization plummets, and years of image-building work are undone. In this session, Mark will help guide you through some of the most difficult media and public relations crises you can imagine.


  • Use language that conveys the crisis without jargon and is focused on transparency and results. 
  • Demonstrate confidence by being proactive with your image and keep communication open with stakeholders. 
  • Recognize how to convey the message through various channels that will reach your audience. 


Future of Mobility: Best Practices for Navigating Multi-Generational Accessibility  

Presenters: Christina Mehlon and Jessica Bilko, SP+ 

Let’s embark on a journey to shape a more inclusive, sustainable, and accessible future in the realm of transportation, parking, and mobility—one that truly caters to the needs and aspirations of every generation. Together, we can pave the way for a world where accessibility is seamless, regardless of age or ability, and where transportation, parking, and mobility connects people of all backgrounds and walks of life. 


  • Describe the seven living generations, understanding their unique perspectives, needs, and challenges in the context of accessibility. 
  • Examine innovative approaches and best practices in designing inclusive transportation, parking, and mobility solutions. 
  • Analyze an organization’s alignment with its mission, values, and accessibility practices, identifying areas of congruence and opportunities for improvement. 


Just Say No to POTS: Implementing a University Mobility Master Plan, So it’s Not a Plan on the Shelf  

Presenters: Byron Prestridge, Texas A&M University Transportation Services; and David Lieb, Walker Consultants 

Mobility master planning recognizes that at nearly every college campus, most people arriving daily live on campus or commute by means other than single-occupancy vehicles. This represents thousands of people who need access to, from, and around campus. Making it easier to use alternative transportation serves this majority better than adding more parking spaces. However, the plan means nothing if you don’t act. This presentation takes you through Texas A & M University’s execution of the process from RFP to implementation. 


  • Demonstrate how to write a successful mobility plan RFP. 
  • Recognize strategies for getting the most comprehensive input and buy-in for the plan development. 
  • Describe how to avoid POTS (Plan on the Shelf) and how to implement the ideas written in your plan. 


Using APDS Specifications & Tools for Efficiency & Innovation

Presenter: Mike Drow, CAPP, PMP

Gathering, interpreting, and sharing data in parking and mobility continues to challenge innovation in our industry. Join industry professionals to discuss the new Alliance for Parking Data Standards and ISO-approved global data specification and resources and learn how organizations are using the specifications and related documents to share complex data streams in this open-source environment.


4 - 5:00 p.m. 

Becoming an Implementation Genius: University and Municipal Lessons from the Field  

Presenters: Vanessa Solesbee Schnipkoweit, CAPP, Town of Estes Park, Colorado; Wady Burgos, CAPP, City of Westminster, Colorado; Cody Wilson, Washington State University; and Ian Ortlieb, Missoula Parking Commission 

This is not your typical conference session! Attendees will get the opportunity to play a real-life version of everyone’s favorite “pick your adventure” book with municipal and university program leaders “pitching” the audience for an opportunity to share their tale. This session aims to shake up everything you thought you knew about conference presentations with honest, vulnerable discussions with front-line practitioners. Come learn with us – and challenge us! 


  • Examine the key elements of building a new program – from planning and design to implementation and measurement. 
  • Select communication strategies effective for both internal (e.g., colleagues, direct reports, supervisors) and external (e.g., business owners, students, faculty) audiences. 
  • Demonstrate how to accurately scope projects, both in-house and consultant-led; what to know before you start. 


The Curb of the Future: One City's Data-Driven Automation Journey  

Presenters: Roamy Valera, CAPP, Automotus, Inc.; Dave Onorato, Pittsburgh Parking Authority; and Marc Lucey, Duncan Solutions, LLC 

The Pittsburgh Parking Authority recently embarked on a groundbreaking Smart Loading Zone (SLZ) initiative utilizing digital camera technology to collect curb usage data, facilitate loading zone monetization, and reduce environmental and safety issues. This panel will include insights from project leaders highlighting best practices and lessons learned, and strategies to implement effective curb management policies in their communities. Attendees will learn how to obtain and evaluate data, develop successful policies, and utilize available resources. 


  • Discuss real-life insights highlighting innovative curb management strategies, best practices, and lessons learned when implementing parking and curb management technologies. 
  • Illustrate how proper data collection can assist with the development and implementation of curb management policies. 
  • Compare automated enforcement with traditional curb management metrics using real-world data and teach the principles of pay-for-stay active curb management as opposed to a violation centric approach. 


The Intersection of RFP Crafting/Response: Solutions for Both Sides  

Presenters: Kayla McCause, Dragonfly AEC Consulting; and Julie Shaffer, Shaffer Creative 

As an owner, crafting RFPs seems straightforward—until the cycle of addenda begins, leaving you with less than desired results. Alternatively, RFP respondents must navigate the intricate maze of guidelines, striving to convey uniqueness amid stringent structures. Is there a smoother approach? This interactive session delves into both vantage points: perfecting RFP writing for owners AND showcasing differentiators for respondents. Join us as we journey down the RFP highway, seeking better paths to success. Participate in this interactive session to navigate the complexities of the RFP landscape, acquiring a holistic understanding of successful paths for both owners and respondents on the journey to RFP excellence.  


  • Explore strategies for crafting more effective RFPs, ensuring clarity and alignment with desired outcomes. 
  • Employ innovative techniques to foster more strategic and better communicated responses, fostering uniqueness within established guidelines. 
  • Recognize and address prevalent challenges in the RFP creation process, thus implementing practical solutions for improved results and avoiding common pitfalls. 


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