Sessions: Sunday, June 9

IPMI Parking & Mobility Conference & Expo
June 9-12, 2024


Education Sessions: Sunday, June 9

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Sunday, June 9

12 – 1:00 p.m.


Autonomous Technology Unleashed: Transforming Mobility within Education, Airport and Healthcare Campuses 

Presenters: David Carroll, May Mobility; Corey Clothier, ARIBO; Naashom Marx, Kenton County Airport Board; and Frank Castro, Arizona State University 

Unsure how to best use autonomous vehicle technology to enhance your business? Drawing on lessons learned from real-world case studies, this panel will join experts from commercial transit, education, airport and healthcare sectors to discuss how to successfully implement autonomous vehicle technology to better serve communities and solve business problems. 


  • Explore the concept of autonomous vehicle technology and the benefits of integrating it across various industry examples, including improved operational efficiency, enhanced user experience and increased safety. 
  • Analyze common challenges and pain points associated with implementing autonomous initiatives such as regulatory hurdles, technological limitations, funding strategies and public acceptance. 
  • Evaluate real-world case studies showcasing successful autonomous vehicle technology projects in healthcare, airport and education campuses, and extract valuable lessons.   


Digital Parking Transformation: An Expert Study into the Optimization of Campus Parking and Mobility Using Modern Technology 

Presenters: Mark Frumar, Modii; and Greg Hladik, University of Texas, Arlington 

Explore the transformative power of digital parking management through a comprehensive case study at the University of Texas, Arlington. This session unveils how a real-time interactive guidance solution minimizes search time, reduces emissions, and elevates user experience. Delve into cutting-edge technologies, practical insights, and strategic implications, offering a roadmap to revolutionize parking and mobility. Discover a future where parking seamlessly integrates technology and strategy for optimal efficiency and environmental benefit. 


  • Assess and quantify the environmental and efficiency benefits of real-time digital parking management through real-world data. 
  • Differentiate between traditional parking strategies and innovative digital infrastructure approaches and identify key advantages. 
  • Formulate strategies for successfully integrating emerging parking technologies into campus infrastructure, ensuring user satisfaction and operational effectiveness. 


Dumb Deployments, Stakeholder Conflicts, Legal Loopholes, Maintenance Mishaps and More: How to Avoid Super-Charged Mistakes in EVSE

Presenters: Dwayne R. Norris, CEO & Co-Founder, Soulful Synergy; Jason Goldfarb, (EV) Infrastructure Attorney, Falcon Rappaport & Berkman LLP, Kate Kruk, Partner & Engagement Director, Lynkwell 

It’s not as simple as buying EV chargers and plugging them in. 

Installing, managing, and maintaining EV supply equipment requires specific skills and knowledge in your organization. Learn how to identify potential mistakes and barriers before they happen.  Experts will address site planning, hardware and software selection, legal and contractual requirements, training, and maintenance needs, and more.  Through use cases, ownership models, and a few war stories, uncover what you must know to manage EVSE efficiently, safely, and successfully in your operation. 

How AIoT Will Change the Way We Move (and Park) 

Presenter: Thomas Puehringer, SKIDATA, Inc. 

Artificial Intelligence is all over the news and, like everyone, we are asking ourselves: how will it affect our jobs, our lives, and our business? Get an overview of trends and technologies, potential applications, and the related opportunities and threats for the parking and mobility industry. Find out what you can do as an operator, solution supplier, or shareholder in the parking and mobility space to make the best of those new possibilities. 


  • Recognize the status and potential development of what is and what will be possible with current and future AI and IoT technologies their impacts on the mobility industry. 
  • Identify new opportunities to provide better parking and mobility services enabled or supported by these technologies. 
  • Explore how the transition can be managed and which pitfalls should be avoided for successful implementation of these solutions. 


2 – 3:00 p.m.

Achieve Parking Happiness Using a Human-Centric Approach  

Presenters: Rashawn Allen, Barnacle Parking Enforcement; and Tobias Marx, City of Bend, Oregon 

Join us to learn how the City of Bend, Oregon, transformed its parking enforcement with a human-centered approach, prioritizing citizen connection over punishment. Facing outdated processes and technology, low levels of parking compliance, and no dedicated parking manager, the municipality revamped the system for "parking happiness." This involved modern technologies, clear signage, and community input. Learn how this shift reduced violations and increased compliance rates. 


  • Assess the impact of a human-centered parking enforcement approach on reducing parking violations and improving compliance rates. 
  • Examine the innovative technologies implemented in this municipalities parking system transformation and their quantifiable effects on streamlining the parking experience. 
  • Apply strategies used to connect with the community and gather input for tailoring parking policies to align with community preferences and recognize how to assess measurable benefits when fostering community engagement. 

Exploring Your Facility Maintenance Blind Spots: What You Can't See Can Cost You 

Presenters: Jake Holland, SUMMIT Sealants and Restoration Services, Inc.; and Melissa Yates, CAPP

Are thoughts of infrastructure maintenance keeping you up at night? This session will equip you with the confidence to tackle your garage maintenance needs head-on. We will empower you with valuable garage-focused knowledge, unveiling proven tips and tricks for seamless maintenance. This session is designed to pave the way to structural maintenance excellence while saving on your budget. 

  • Assess the bell curve of maintenance. 
  • Explore the importance of developing a five- to ten-year maintenance plan. 
  • Understand how to justify and execute your maintenance plan within budget.  

Managing a Revolution: Can Disruptive Technology Bring Order and Purpose to Downtown Curbs?  

Presenters: Thomas Brown, Nelson/Nygaard Consulting; Tina Wawszkiewicz, City of Dublin; and Sarah Saltz, Cityfi 

In 2022, the City of Dublin developed a Curb Management Toolkit to help balance and prioritize curb uses and functions, by place, time, and purpose. In 2023, it completed a year-long set of technology pilots to secure data streams to track curb activity and conditions, guide application of the management toolkit, and inform downtown’s curb users about their options in real-time. Hear from the City’s project manager and her consultant leads about what they learned. 

  • Explain how to use management objectives to determine technology investments. 
  • Discuss how to use pilots to go from product pitches to targeted KPI datasets. 
  • Explore how to balance redundant and complementary technologies to create comprehensive, rights-sized data streams. 

Unlock Your Parking Potential: An Interactive ‘Revenue Management’ Workshop 

Presenters: Dean Holmes, Rob Reay, and Dee Iskander, Helm Commercial Inc. 

Are you looking for ways to maximize your organization’s parking revenue?  
This interactive workshop gamifies the customer journey with attendees making decisions on real-world commercial parking scenarios! Sales and revenue are the names of the game, so strap yourself in for a fun-filled journey in revenue optimization. Attendees will be asked to make decisions on real-world scenarios, including how to manage the commercial success of a fictional parking estate. Scenarios include marketing initiatives, pricing best practice, revenue management techniques and loyalty. 

  • Evaluate commercial parking strategies to identify potential areas for revenue maximization.  
  • Apply key principles to maximize revenue by choosing from the varying strategic options included within each real-world scenario, therefore, shaping your best strategy.  
  • Synthesize the example data and insights to form the outline of a commercial parking strategy aimed at maximizing parking sales and revenue.  

3:30 – 4:30 p.m.

Customer Surveys: I Rate Them 2 Out of 5 Stars  

Presenters: Katherine Beaty, TEZ Technology; and Artem Alabin, Servimer 

There is a fundamental truth that can be applied to all industries: you can’t improve what you don’t measure. Knowing and understanding how and what to measure is key to making the right improvements. Join us to discuss a wide range of customer experience management tools, designed to highlight deficiency rates, identify areas for improvement, and maintain a high level of customer satisfaction. Attendees will gain an understanding of how technology interlaces with these tools to create better customer experiences. 


  • Discuss pros and cons of customer survey programs. 
  • Examine the history of the customer survey obsession and discover other customer experience management tools. 
  • Recognize how to leverage technology to gain better understanding of what is really happening within your operation. 


How to Mitigate Risk with a Multi-Vendor Approach to Your Mobility Tech Stack 

Presenters: Ethan Glass, Ocra; Robert Murray, CampusParc; Liz Young, TIBA Parking Systems; and Jordan Weiss, Umojo

In parking, the traditional “one-stop-shop” mentality for evaluating and implementing technologies is giving way to a more resilient strategy: a diversification of vendors in the mobility tech stack. This shift is essential for today’s agile business operations to mitigating vendor lock-in, removing dependencies, and future-proofing operations. By providing practical insights and strategies, this expert panel aims to guide both vendors and parking operators towards a more agile, adaptable, and risk-mitigated future through a multi-vendor approach. 


  • Learn what vendor lock-in is and how diversifying technologies across a vendor ecosystem mitigates potential vendor lock-in risk. 
  • Gain insights into strategies and best practices for choosing the right technology for your operations. 
  • Acquire practical advice on how to effectively engage with vendors and learn which questions to ask to ensure that your tech strategy aligns with your specific objectives. 

Unlock the Power of Receiving Feedback: An Interactive Presentation  

Presenters: Christi Wharton, Cardinal Tracking Inc; Matt Penney, CAPP, Baylor University 
In personal and professional development, few practices hold as much transformative power as the art of giving and receiving feedback. The ability to receive feedback is a crucial yet often neglected skill. Feedback has been proven crucial to improve trainee performance, professionalism, documentation, and communication skills. Mastering the art of receiving feedback can lead to enhanced communication, stronger relationships, and actionable insights for personal and professional growth. With all these benefits, why is receiving feedback productively so hard? Barriers, including time constraints, fear of conflict, lack of confidence, and unclear priorities, can make receiving and acting on feedback challenging. From this session, attendees will learn to distinguish between different types of feedback, overcome common triggers that hinder acceptance, and gain strategies for effective implementation. 
  • Explore your ability to receive and implement feedback effectively. 
  • Recognize how to foster a more open, communicative environment. 
  • Demonstrate techniques to build stronger, more honest relationships with colleagues, friends, and family. 

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