Start-up Pavilion

IPMI Parking & Mobility Conference & Expo
June 11-14, 2023


IPMI 2023 Start-up & Innovation Pavilion

Are you a new market entrant who’s looking to showcase your innovative technology to prospective investors, partners, and buyers?

The Start-up & Innovation Pavilion at the IPMI Conference & Expo is just what you’re looking for! This all-inclusive, hassle-free turnkey exhibit package includes everything you need to take your business to the next level.

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Meet This Year’s Start-up & Innovation Pavilion Exhibitors:


VLT Apps is a cloud-based platform for valet parking management. VLT improves the workflow and simplifies the process of parking. Our advanced analytics and reporting features are designed to focus on customer service and the effectiveness of the valet department.


EVBOLT, laser-focused on a sustainable future, offers complete EV charging solutions with our cutting-edge AC and DC Electric Vehicle Supply Equipment (EVSE). Our group has over three decades of experience in electrical, alternate energy, infrastructure products, and real estate with projects all across the United States. We provide the highest-quality EVSE technology as well as the capacity to manage all aspects of electric charging station installation, from needs assessment to final commissioning.


Letenda is an innovative zero-emission urban bus manufacturer that has seized the opportunity offered by clean and connected energy technologies to rethink passenger transport to offer a new generation of highly energy-efficient zero-emission buses based on on a unique geometry specially designed for electric propulsion and an innovative manufacturing concept.


Are you looking for an innovative security solution? Look no further than Perspective Components Inc. and our groundbreaking new system, NoiseVu.

Using cutting-edge audio technology, NoiseVu instantly detects a wide range of events, including glass breaks, catalytic converter theft, reckless driving, and public violence. With its lightning-fast response time and unmatched accuracy, NoiseVu is the ultimate solution for ensuring the safety and security of your premises.


Nimble is a cutting-edge payment gateway revolutionizing the way tolls are paid. Our mission is to make open road tolling more accessible and profitable for toll authorities while providing a familiar and hassle-free experience for drivers.


Parking platform
EV charging station
Luxury Ride
Unified commerce
Self-service tools
Utility apps  


Exige, Inc. is an American multinational technology company headquartered in Little Rock, Arkansas. Exige develops modern industrial software operating systems for US$100 billion+ verticals, with a core focus on transportation and commercial construction.

Exige, Inc. was founded by American businessman and technologist Jett Black to develop and sell Exige | The Parking Operating System - which was designed to empower traditional parking operators with industry-leading software systems.


BusGenius is an AVL that uses an intelligent cloud-based algorithm to recover efficiency naturally lost by transit systems. We do more than track your buses, we coordinate their movement to eliminate bus bunching to provide steady and reliable service.


AdPark Media is a full service media company, primarily involved in partnering with parking garages to help them earn extra revenue by selling advertising as wallscapes that create visual impact and beautify high visibility areas. Garage owners do not need to do anything but collect revenue and receive compliments about the interior of their garages!


At Turnstone our mission is to provide an easy-to-use yet comprehensive data management platform to enable cities to see the reality of their paid parking program beyond mere transactions. Our vendor agnostic, cloud-based and interactive dashboard offers at-a-glance metrics around occupancy, revenue and supply at the citywide, zone, and block-face level, while our detailed data exports provide more granular data for deeper analysis.


In-Parking is a data-driven ecosystem of solutions that helps you facilitate, enhance, and manage parking operations with a tried and proven solution based on modern app architecture. In-Parking is utilized by owners and operators to help them control finances and manage garages, lots and zones while providing deep insights, overall operations, profitability, usage, and metrics to serve their customers better. Parking is not about space; it’s about real interaction. Be part of the movement.

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