IPMI Parking & Mobility Conference & Expo
June 11-14, 2023



Get to know our First Time Exhibitors! 

We would like to welcome the below organizations to the 2023 IPMI Conference & Expo and we can't wait to see them in Fort Worth.  

AdPark Media

#S15 (Start Up and Innovation Center)

Beautiful Advertising. Beautiful Garages.

Booth# 1720

BG Drives develops and produces high quality systems in Germany for the efficient, energy-saving and fast access control of people and vehicles. With more than 25 years of experience, BG Drives offers quality solutions made in GERMANY, especially in the field of drive and control technology for vehicle and pedestrian barriers. BG Drives’ access solutions have proven their reliability in more than 5,000 installations and enjoy an excellent reputation among our customers.

Booth# 1433

Blinkay Technologies is a privately owned business. We have built the company by establishing an outstanding reputation across the parking industry, from Europe to the Pacific rim, and down to Australia. Blinkay USA is ready to introduce the latest solutions for parking control in the USA. Blinkay offers Multi-Space metering, Phone payments, LPR enforcement, Ticket Writing/Management, Permitting, Parking Reservations, Gateless Garage systems and more. Please visit Booth 1433, we want to listen to YOU.

BOOTH# 1713

Cleanstreak has patent pending equipment designed specifically for cleaning parking garages while mitigating all environmental risk by instantly reclaiming wastewater and treating it on site in our mobile water treatment plant.


BOOTH# 1613 

CTI manufactures, sells, and services gas detection equipment for parking garages, vehicle depots, and distribution warehouses. CTI sensors continuously monitor levels of Carbon Monoxide (CO) and Nitrogen Dioxide (NO2) at turn on ventilation fans as needed. Automatic notification of appropriate personnel can also be set automatically when gas levels reach a set point. CTI detectors are rugged and reliable. Our customer service can't be beat. Made in Columbia, Missouri.

#S2 (Start Up and Innovation Center)

EVBOLT, laser-focused on a sustainable future, offers complete EV charging solutions with our cutting-edge AC and DC Electric Vehicle Supply Equipment (EVSE). Our group has over three decades of experience in electrical, alternate energy, infrastructure products, and real estate with projects all across the United States. We provide the highest-quality EVSE technology as well as the capacity to manage all aspects of electric charging station installation, from needs assessment to final commissioning.

#S17 (Start Up and Innovation Center)

In-Parking is a data-driven ecosystem of solutions that helps you facilitate, enhance, and manage parking operations with a tried and proven solution based on modern app architecture. In-Parking is utilized by owners and operators to help them control finances and manage garages, lots and zones while providing deep insights, overall operations, profitability, usage, and metrics to serve their customers better. Parking is not about space; it’s about real interaction. Be part of the movement.

#S3 (Start Up and Innovation Center)

Letenda is an innovative zero-emission urban bus manufacturer that has seized the opportunity offered by clean and connected energy technologies to rethink passenger transport to offer a new generation of highly energy-efficient zero-emission buses based on on a unique geometry specially designed for electric propulsion and an innovative manufacturing concept.

BOOTH# 923 

LiveView Technologies is used by the largest companies in the world to provide rapidly deployable surveillance and security whenever and wherever they need it. Today, LVT is used by DOTs, oil, gas, law enforcement, retail, construction, housing, and other industries. LiveView Technologies has spent years developing the first remote, full security solution. LVT camera units rapidly deploy whenever and wherever you need them. No need for wires, power, or internet.


May Mobility aims to make transit more sustainable, safe, accessible and equitable for everyone by building a better autonomous vehicle technology that works in the real world.

BOOTH# 1721 

Servimer provides mystery shopping and auditing services for all types of parking operations in North America. The collected data enables businesses to see their true reality and thus achieve the businesses' full potential.  

 * 24/7 services based on demand.
 * Incar and body-worn video surveillance for off- and on-street parking. 
 * Unlimited customization of questionnaires and scenarios

Booth #1406

Shade Systems™ provides complete design, engineering, manufacturing and installation services for your vehicle protection project. Headquartered at our 100,000 s.f. state-of-the-art plant in Ocala, Florida, we are the most capable manufacturer of quality American-made fabric shade products in the industry. Let us show you how we can provide the best solutions to protect your vehicles from harmful sun exposure and hail damage.

#S16 (Start Up and Innovation Center)

At Turnstone our mission is to provide an easy-to-use yet comprehensive data management platform to enable cities to see the reality of their paid parking program beyond mere transactions. Our vendor agnostic, cloud-based and interactive dashboard offers at-a-glance metrics around occupancy, revenue and supply at the citywide, zone, and block-face level, while our detailed data exports provide more granular data for deeper analysis.

#S1 (Start Up and Innovation Center)

VLT Apps is a cloud-based platform for valet parking management. VLT improves the workflow and simplifies the process of parking. Our advanced analytics and reporting features are designed to focus on customer service and the effectiveness of the valet department.

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