#IPMI2023: Industry Leaders Press Release

IPMI Parking & Mobility Conference & Expo
June 11-14, 2023


#IPMI2023: Industry Leaders Press Release

Top Ten Industry Leaders Drive Technology and Innovation to Meet Greater Community Goals: Sustainability, Efficiency, and Smart Transportation Systems

Released March 20, 2023
By Rachel Yoka, CAPP. LEED AP BD+C, Chief Strategy Officer, IPMI 

Technology is rapidly transforming the parking, transportation, and mobility industry. From planning smart cities and transportation systems, to managing the ever-changing curb environment, to multi-modal parking and mobility ecosystems integrating electric vehicles (EVs), Transportation Demand Management (TDM) and first- and last-mile solutions – these cutting-edge companies are driving innovation and transformation in the industry.  

This feature shares our Top Ten products and services releases to be debuted at the 2023 IPMI Parking & Mobility Conference & Expo this June in Fort Worth, Texas.  Get to know our Top Ten Strategic Partners here, and explore the hundreds of exhibitors offering the latest in parking and mobility tech.  

FlowbirdGo offers dynamic system to manage parking in gated and ungated parking assets 

FlowbirdGO is a dynamic off-street system giving operators the flexibility to manage parking in gated and ungated garages and lots. The system’s open technology platform allows for an array of possibilities customized to individual parking facilities. FlowbirdGO offers real-time digital parking validation solutions to keep customers coming back to the local business community. For frequent visitors, the system offers a complete permitting solution that can include proximity cards or an RFID system to help manage monthly parkers. Download details about Park. Scan. Go.

HUB’s JUPITER Parking System provides innovative ticketless LPR system at high-volume destinations

HUB provides innovative parking solutions that elevate the customer experience. Watch the innovative JUPITER ticketless LPR solution deployed at LEGOLAND Resort New York: a digital facility for a first-rate mobility experience, offering visitors excellent service thanks to touchless and cashless technologies.   
Follow the entire customer journey through HUB’s Jupiter Parking System.

IPS’s PARK SMARTER™ mobile payment application optimizes the mobile parking experience

The PARK SMARTER™ mobile app elevates Smart Parking to the next level. This innovative app provides customers with greater flexibility and convenience in an optimized mobile parking experience. The Bluetooth-enabled app is part of the IPS Fully Integrated Smart Parking Ecosystem. Parking policies, rate structures, live alerts, reporting, data analytics, and app management are available through the IPS Data Management System (DMS), fully connected and perfectly aligned with your parking operations. Download the app here, or watch the case study for Deadwood, South Dakota.

LAZ’s Business Intelligence Dashboard maximizes the value of your data to make decisions smarter and faster

The LAZ Business Intelligence (BI) tool takes the guesswork out of parking management by turning mountains of disconnected raw data into actionable business insights. Built on the Microsoft Power BI enterprise platform by our in-house Data Analytics Team, LAZ BI collects parking, demographic, sales and weather data and transforms it into actionable business insights. Optimize occupancy, oversell, labor schedules and rates to maximize profits. This customizable solution provides a single view of the most critical data points that drive a parking business. 

Take data a step further. Predict behavior and forecast demand; combine historical, recent occupancy and sales data with third-party factors, like event ticket sales, transit ridership, weather and seasonality. The LAZ Business Intelligence dashboard provides unique and custom data visualization to better predict and plan operational strategies. Click to watch the latest in business intelligence tech in action.

Paybyphone’s new product releases for Rights, Rates, and Validations streamline your entire operation 

PaybyPhone’s Rights & Rates customized parking product helps university, hospital, and municipal clients create unique and customized parking policies for a variety of patrons. Easily assign preferential parking rates, grant exemptions to staff, and set up and control different parking policies for a range of locations.  Pair it with PayByPhone’s top-rated app, and drivers can see whether they are eligible to park in a location and will be shown the best price available to them. 

Save time managing complimentary parking by adopting the digital parking solution for parking validations with PaybyPhone.  Utilize the license plate-based app for managing validations, visitor, and employee parking – perfect for municipalities, universities, airports, hospitals, and associated parking management operations.

Paylock’s Vehicle Immobilization and Enforcement innovative, technology-based solutions and products improve your bottom line 

Paylock has been the leader in providing innovative, technology-based parking management and vehicle immobilization solutions to municipalities, universities, residential communities, and privatively owned facilities. Offering a suite of cutting-edge and proven products and solutions, manage your parking operation more efficiently with self-release booting, virtual permitting and enforcement, and world-class, customer support center to assist with all your operations needs.


Scheidt & Bachmann leads the industry in integrated, modular systems for parking management of any size 

Scheidt & Bachmann USA markets state-of-the-art Parking Solutions and Fare Collection Systems: the most innovative and advanced solutions in the US.  The company continues to optimize and develop its innovative systems, launching intelligently interconnected systems that are able to do far more than simply regulate the flow of incoming vehicles.

Southland Printing serves as your trusted industry partner from tickets to the latest technology

For over 60 years, Southland Printing Company, Inc., has been focused on quality. From our tickets to our technology, we have served the parking and transit industries as a trusted and reliable partner. From the press room to the boardroom, Southland Printing Company, Inc., has been fully engaged in the business success of our customers - in all 50 states and over 49 countries.


Sphere by SP+ offers customized and cutting-edge tech to drive digital transformation and performance

The leading provider of parking and transportation services in North America, SP+ excels at delivering the highest level of operational and customer service excellence.  Get all the details on SP+’s customizable suite of leading-edge technology solutions called Sphere™ to drive the digital transformation of parking for a seamless and frictionless experience. Sphere is a scalable platform offering Sphere Commerce, - Sphere iQ, Sphere Remote, and several custom solutions designed to meet your operation’s needs. 

T2 Velocity: The force multiplier in a single, integrated system for LPR, payments, permits, enforcement, and collections

T2 Velocity provides frictionless access and revenue control that combines LPR, payments, permits, enforcement, and collections into a single, integrated, gateless system for small and mid-sized municipality operations. T2 Velocity is a force multiplier for municipal parking operations to increase compliance, improve enforcement efficiency, automate the citation lifecycle, and make data-driven decisions – all while decreasing capital expenses and improving entry and exit times compared to traditional gated solutions.  T2 Velocity required minimal capital investment and hardware, and offers real-time data from every area of your business – occupancy, dwell time and duration of stay, parking transaction type, and more.


About the annual IPMI Parking & Mobility Conference & Expo 

The IPMI Parking & Mobility Conference & Expo brings together professionals representing every level of experience and segment of the parking, transportation, and mobility industry. The event delivers four days of exceptional education, the largest display of parking- and mobility-specific technology and innovations, networking, and the opportunity to connect with a global community.

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The International Parking & Mobility Institute (IPMI) is the world’s largest association of professionals in parking, transportation, and mobility — professionals who keep all of us moving. IPMI works to advance the parking and mobility profession through professional development, research and data collection, advocacy, and outreach. 

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