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IPMI Parking & Mobility Conference & Expo
June 11-14, 2023


2023 Exhibitor Booth Rates

Click here to download a sample floor plan that shows locations of spaces based on pricing prior to making your selection. Keep in mind, this is a fairly good representation but because the real floor plan is live at all times, it is possible that some of the locations indicated on this floor plan may not be as accurate as the live floor plan in the sales office.

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Booth Size Member Price Non-Member Price
10x10 Premium $6,999.00 $8,099.00
10x10 Standard $6,499.00 $7,599.00
10x10 Basic $5,999.00 $7,099.00
10x20 End Cap/Inline $10,998.00 $12,098.00
10x20 End Cap/Inline Premium* $12,198.00 $13,298.00
10x20 Island $11,798.00 $12,898.00
10x20 Island Premium* $13,598.00 $14,698.00
10x30 End Cap/Inline $12,897.00 $13,997.00
20x20 Standard $13,996.00 $15,096.00
20x20 Premium* $15,596.00 $16,696.00
20x30 Standard $17,994.00 $19,094.00
20x30 Premium* $19,794.00 $20,894.00
20x40 Standard $21,592.00 $22,692.00
20x40 Premium* $23,192.00 $24,292.00
20x50 Standard $25,990.00 $27,090.00
20x50 Premium* $27,990.00 $29,090.00
20x60 Standard $28,788.00 $29,888.00
20x60 Premium* $31,188.00 $32,288.00

Understanding Tiers & Premium Pricing

* Indicates this booth is located in a high traffic or high visibility location and you will pay a premium fee for the location of the space
10x10 SPACES
Premium Booth location is near one high traffic area.
Standard Booth location is  within close proximity of a high traffic area and/or may not face the traffic flow and is likely an inline space
Basic Booth location is not within close proximity of traffic patterns and/or may not face the traffic flow and is likely an inline space.

There is a significant savings for IPMI Members.  Annual membership costs $695.00 and includes yearlong benefits for your entire team. To take advantage of the reduced fees afforded to members, simply add the IPMI Membership option to your booth registration for immediate member savings.  All fees stated in U.S. Funds.

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