Sessions: Tuesday, June 13

IPMI Parking & Mobility Conference & Expo
June 11-14, 2023


Education Sessions: Tuesday, June 13

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Tuesday, June 13


11:00 am – 12:00 pm

A Virtual Reality: University of Houston’s Journey to Eliminating Physical Parking Permits

Presenters: Neil Hart, MBA, CAPP, CASP, Heather Cilny, Richard Zagrzecki; University of Houston

The Parking and Transportation Services team at the University of Houston spent nearly two years researching and working on a process for successfully converting parking permits at the large urban school from plastic hangtags to virtual ones. Along the journey, the parking team, which saw its numbers cut drastically as a result of the pandemic, learned many important lessons about undertaking such a massive conversion.  

  • Analyze and evaluate the process and steps of converting to a virtual permit program.
  • Identify challenges and roadblocks in conversion process.
  • Evaluate overview and status of current program.

Event Parking: True Success is Beyond the Lots

Presenters: Don Jordan, Brett Munkel, CAPP; SP+ Corporation

Walking through real-life case studies, the audience will better understand other factors outside their parking operation affecting their guest experiences and how to take on some of these challenges and work with key stakeholders.  This session will provide some essential tools and resources to make these challenges less daunting to the audience and overcome their operational challenges and guest experience.

  • Recognize the importance of multiple modes of communication and how it improves the operation.
  • Evaluate the traffic mitigation tools that are readily available.
  • Create a basic understanding of operational data and the insights gained from it.

Harness the EV Revolution to Increase Revenue in Your Operations

Presenters: Ryan J. Gram, PE, Development Services Engineer, Kimley-Horn; Jennifer Deaton, MBA, Manager of Corporate Strategy and Electrification  Oncor Electric Delivery, Brian Zelis, National Sales Director, Fermata Energy, Bridget Sanderson, Coalition Coordinator, CHARGE Coalition

Electric vehicle (EV) sales are gaining a larger share of the automobile market. A majority of automakers have detailed plans to electrify large portions of their fleets over the next decade, with some announcing goals for fully electrified lineups within five years. It is predicted that 58 percent of cars sold by 2040 will be electric. In addition, the Infrastructure Investment and Jobs Act (IIJA) includes $7.5 billion to help accelerate EV adoption and build a nationwide network of EV charging stations to accommodate this staggering growth. Implementing EV charging stations is a visible indication of developers' and public entities' commitment to sustainability efforts. Charging stations also provide a competitive edge for developments since EV owners tend to stay, spend, and buy where they can recharge. Studies show that EV chargers attract shoppers to retail locations; professionals and businesses to office buildings/business parks; and residents to multifamily developments. The conversation will focus on the impact of EV demand, challenges and benefits of implementing EV, emerging technology, and ways to save costs.


Straight Talk: Breaking ‘Bad’ News to Paying Customers

Presenter: Jonsette Calloway, MS, Virginia Commonwealth University

Learn some tools and strategies to effectively deliver bad news to customers in unfavorable situations, and how you can apply these methods to communicate difficult news to your own audiences to minimize “the blow” and receive the necessary buy-in for success.


  • Identify tools and strategies to communicate with customers more effectively.

  • Apply integrated approaches to improve organizational reputation.

  • Explain the importance of responsive communications in promoting buy-in and organizational success.


Quiet Leadership: The Power of Introverts

Presenters: Cindy Campbell, International Parking & Mobility Institute; Matt Penney, CAPP, Baylor University

Extroverts don’t have all the answers; they may do themselves a favor when they can learn to step back, talk less, and listen more to the introverts on their team. Introverts offer a unique perspective when planning or problem solving, yet because they’re not always as outspoken as their extroverted colleagues, their quieter contributions may be overlooked. Finding the balance between action and reflection is essential if we are to create and sustain healthy organizations.


  • Compare traits and strengths attributed to introverts, extroverts, and ambiverts.

  • Review the effect of introverts and extroverts on teams and in leadership structures.

  • Discuss the importance of respecting the strengths and challenges of all styles to effectively accomplish organizational goals.

4:00 pm – 5:00 pm


If You Build It, Will They Charge? Plan Ahead for Successful EV Charging in Your Parking Operation

Presenters: Carmen Donnell, CAPP, PayByPhone US Inc.; Nick Mazzenga, PE, Kimley-Horn and Associates, Inc.

Come on a journey with experts from the IPMI Technology Committee as we walk through all things EV.  From the variety of chargers available on the market to hardware and software considerations, infrastructure needs, policies and governance, procurement best practices, as well as considering the needs of the user today and down the road.


  • Evaluate the latest and greatest in the hardware and software options around EV charging.

  • Understand how to plan, procure, and implement chargers in your environment.

  • Illustrate the sneak peek into what’s next in the technological evolution around charging.


Hardware-Free Smart Loading Zones for Commercial Delivery

Presenters: Regina Clewlow, Ph.D., Populus Technologies, Inc.; Kerby Olsen, The City of Oakland Department of Transportation

How our curbs and streets are being used today is drastically different than when they were designed and is changing rapidly. The City of Oakland found that their commercial loading zones were occupied 95% of the time, and half of the time illegally. They embarked on a plan to reimagine their curbs: adopted a new priced commercial loading zone strategy, expanded their metered spaces, and implemented hardware-free, GPS-based Smart Loading Zone technology.


  • Describe how a city converted unpaid commercial load zones to paid zones.

  • Analyze new technologies used for commercial loading zone payments.

  • Understand commercial operator engagement (Amazon, UPS, Doordash, etc.)


The Industry’s Inflection Point: Policy Framework  

Presenters: Alejandra Argudin, CAPP, Chief Executive Officer, Miami Parking Authority; Maria Irshad, CAPP, Deputy Director, City of Houston – ParkHouston; Vanessa Solesbee Schnipkoweit, CAPP, CCTM, Mobility Services Manager, Town of Estes Park; Roamy Valera, CAPP, President, Automotus, Inc.

Under the current backdrop of Federal/State funding programs and perceived “free” money, the panel will address the challenges facing our industry and the policy setting process. The current demands of chasing funding opportunities, changes the decision-making landscape from data driving and needs to political agendas. Also critical to the discussion is the involvement and engagement from the private sector and the role it plays in supporting the right strategies and policy framework.


  • Discuss the most challenging policy barriers to addressing the biggest needs in curb management.

  • Illustrate shining examples that can be a framework to move ahead.

  • Understand how we address inequitable use of the curb and examine how can we do better to address historical inequities in parking management.

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