Sessions: Sunday, June 11

IPMI Parking & Mobility Conference & Expo
June 11-14, 2023

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Education Sessions: Sunday, June 11


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Sunday, June 11

2:00 pm – 3:00 pm

A Regional Approach: Promoting Smarter Parking to Metroplex Municipalities

Presenters: Catherine Osborn, AICP, AECOM; Travis Liska, AICP; North Central Texas Council of Governments

The rapidly growing North Texas region has more demand than ever for strategically managing parking in key locations. With more than 150 different local governments, there is a need to promote awareness and understanding of better parking policy and management options among different cities. The North Central Texas Council of Governments will present their strategy for encouraging and empowering its member cities to adopt better parking codes, management solutions, and technology.

  • Identify different types of parking management technology and tools.
  • Analyze and evaluate how North Texas cities’ parking management practices may be applied to other communities or districts.
  • Critically evaluate the data and assumptions behind parking requirements.

Achieving the Customer-Centric Parking Vision at Children’s Health Dallas  

Presenters: Frank Castro, Children's Health Dallas; John Curtiss, DESIGNA

Children’s Health Dallas implemented a customer-centric parking enterprise that fully integrated with their internal IT functions and other patient and employee services, providing a seamless parking experience, and reflecting positively on the organization. The system is integrated with LPR cameras, guidance, plus a smartphone app. The result is a frictionless, easy parking experience for all audiences. To enhance the patient experience, brightly colored devices with digital media screens reflect the Children’s Health brand.

  • Understand real-world, proven strategies and approaches that can be implemented by organizations.
  • Evaluate how solutions that reflect a corporate brand can dramatically increase engagement and loyalty.
  • Evaluate attendee’s own parking challenges and determine direct solutions to those challenges as compared to this case study.

Perspectives on Digital Parking: Trends and Technologies to Watch

Presenters: David Hoyt, Parkmobile, LLC; Martin Sandstrom, EasyPark Group

Unsurprisingly, parking operators worldwide are faced with similar challenges. Digital transformation combined with the emergence of more qualified smart mobility vendors is having a profound effect on the industry. In short, features and services, not price, are becoming the leading adoption drivers. Join ParkMobile for a deep dive into the most intriguing innovations, customer behaviors, and market trends that have the potential to reshape the industry.

  • Analyze why a growing number of European cities are embracing a multivendor or "open market" approach.
  • Evaluate how cities are leveraging Parking Data as a Service (PDaaS) to drive policy decisions that lead to better curbside management and more livable cities.
  • Understand how digital parking can play a key role in electric vehicle charging and infrastructure policy.

Parked and Tired: Tips for Overcoming Burnout to Jumpstart Yourself

Presenter: Vanessa Cummings, CAPP, CEO, Ms. V Consulting, LLC.

Burnout is real, whether caused by the same day-to-day stuff or co-workers, supervisors, or customers getting on your last nerve. This session will help you identify if you are suffering from burnout and provide ways to pivot from burnout to reignition. You’ll discover your passions, skills, and tools to de-stress and create a new you. We’ll laugh, chat, and keep it real so you can gain your second wind.

  • Evaluate if you are suffering from burnout.
  • Analyze your passions and skills, and how to apply them to your job.
  • Discover ways to de-stress and provide self-care (to put the oxygen mask on yourself first.)

3:30 pm – 4:30 pm

Arlington RAPID: Research Findings and Lessons Learned Through Two Years of Self-driving Shuttle Service Arlington

Presenters: Greg Hladik, PhD, Sharareh Kermanshachi, PhD, F.ASCE, F.ICE, PE, DBIA, PMP, LEED AP; University of Texas at Arlington; Daisy Wall, May Mobility; Ann Foss, Ph.D., AICP, City of Arlington, Texas

The University of Texas at Arlington, The City of Arlington, Via Transportation, and May Mobility received a $1.7 Million FTA grant to be the first on-demand, shared autonomous vehicle service integrated into an existing public transportation network in the country, which is currently in the 27th month of service. This presentation will share the university, municipal, and private partnerships that made this historical service possible, research findings, lessons learned, and where we go from here.


  • Identify partnerships required to implement a service like this at the attendee's site.
  • Understand research-based behaviors that may impact a rider's adoption of shared autonomous vehicles.
  • Analyze a framework for where the industry can go from here.

Best Practices to Create Low-Spend, Consumer-Focused Capital Program Project Plans  

Presenters: Lisa Burke, Keith Palma, CampusParc; Zach Wolcott, THP Limited, Inc.

This presentation will share learnings from the past nine years on best practices for scheduling construction, repair, and maintenance work that meets the business' fiscal constraints and minimizes customer inconvenience while ensuring that assets remain safe and presentable. These lessons can be easily translated into a capital project plan that will work for most universities, cities, and airports. 

  • Analyze the fiscal and structural impacts of deferred capital repairs and how they can be overcome with planningand recognize how to take the repairs needed  and fold those into a long-term budget.
  • Apply lessons learned for extending asset life cycles while also managing costs.
  • Review best practices for breaking up large projects into smaller segments to minimize customer impacts.

Large Scale Curb Management: Technologies, Challenges, and Opportunities

Presenter: Nicolas Filion, Ing., Agence de mobilite durable

Montreal's geographical and political landscape is a large patchwork covering more than 4000 km (almost 2,500 miles) of street.  Such a large scale and varied environment is a challenge to monitor and manage.  Technologies such as Lidar and machine learning can be of great help to inventory the curb of the entire city.  Sensors and cameras experiments and deployments help to understand the use of this curb. We'll share our experience on these challenging endeavors.

  • Understand the complexity of curb management in the city of Montreal.
  • Analyze different technological solutions characteristics.
  • Review an optimal mix of technologies to reach objectives.

RFP Process and Award of 34 Airports in Spain During a Pandemic:  How to Learn, Develop, and Adapt New Skills

Presenters: Steve Burton, Ashby Russell; ACE Parking; Jaime Lopez de Aguilar, Grupo Setex

How did the UTE, EAS Joint Venture (ACE, EYSA, SETEX) win 34 airports in Spain? Learn about the extensive Request for Proposal (RFP) technical response and how the joint venture team adapted to win this RFP!  Let us take you through the team’s process and what it took to do business internationally during the pandemic. Through perseverance and nimbleness, the team produced the winning response and was awarded this very large multiple airport project.

  • Analyze and evaluate the RFP and Airport opportunity and how the quick business response was integral to determine Go/No-Go for participation.
  • Understand the technical RFP process, including hurdles and obstacles regarding how to produce RFP document responses that meet AENA/Spanish strict RFP requirements.
  • Understand Spanish requirements to do business in Spain and the EU.

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