Sessions: Monday, June 12

IPMI Parking & Mobility Conference & Expo
June 11-14, 2023

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Education Sessions: Monday, June 12

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Monday, June 12

9:00 am – 10:00 am


Can Parking Your Car Improve Your Mood? Exploring the Effects of Parking on Mental Health

Presenter: Cameron Neufeld, University of Manitoba

The subject of mental health awareness has never been more prevalent. We have a responsibility to minimize the impact our parking facilities and staff interactions have on mental illnesses when and where possible. This presentation will discuss the impact we can have on the mental health of our customers, staff, and the public, why we should care, and things we can do to improve the image of our industry and how it affects others.


  • Analyze and understand the connection between parking and mental health.
  • Evaluate the operation's contribution to mental health and justify improvements.
  • Apply the principles learned to improve the customer and staff experience.


What Now?! An Interactive Workshop Focused on Developing a Personal Productivity Plan to Get the Most from Your Workday

Presenter: Jon Forster, CAPP, Fishbeck

We all have busy schedules, both at home and at work. Effectively utilizing your work time promotes job satisfaction, professional success, and allows you to enjoy your time away from work. Interruptions, other people’s problems, and your calendar should not control your day, even if all those things are important and must be addressed. Learn to create a personal productivity plan that helps you manage your interruptions and the to-do list.


  • Recognize the symptoms and consequences of ineffective time use.
  • Apply the seven key skills in managing your schedule, including planning for interruptions.
  • Create a Personalized Productivity Plan.


The Golden Ticket Permit Problem: Promoting and Controlling Campus Mobility  

Presenters: Caitlyn Blakelock, Chris Dobek; North Carolina State University

The golden ticket permit is a  permit that allows those customers willing to pay a premium the ability to park anywhere. Regardless of the name, every university campus has one, and every university parking department has struggled to manage them. During this presentation, we will discuss our experience in updating and replacing our golden ticket permit in three parts: the Problem, Brainstorming, and the Solution.


  • Recognize how the golden ticket permit functions and why it is needed on university campuses across the country.
  • Evaluate the positives of using LPR and customer data to make decisions that support the whole campus including parking space management.
  • Understand the realities of implementing a replacement for the golden ticket permit and learn how to minimize growing pains in this process.


4:00 pm – 5:00 pm

Digitizing Curbside Management: How Better Data Can Improve Curb Access, Streamline Asset Management, and Track Policy Goals

Presenters: Brian Hamlin, Seattle Department of Transportation; Ty'on Jones, District of Columbia Department of Transportation; Dr. Giacomo Chiara, University of Washington

Many cities have curb data, but few are using it to its full potential. In this session, join an academic researcher and city staff as they discuss the latest in curbside management digital technologies. You will learn how cities are using in-house resources to improve sign asset management, how load zone sensor data is being used to predict future occupancy, and how new data standards are helping cities communicate curb regulations and track utilization.

  • Analyze curb parking challenges delivery drivers face in their daily job and how sensor technology can be deployed to tackle them.
  • Understand how building and maintaining a digital curbside asset management program can reduce field verification, thereby reducing the time it takes to respond to service request.
  • Evaluate how a standardized data specification can be used to effectively manage on-street curb access and measure utilization.

MythBusters: Debunking the Parking Industry’s Biggest Myths

Presenters: Julie Dixon, Emily Kwatinetz, Kerri Wyatt; Dixon Resources Unlimited

As parking professionals, it is our duty to combat the industry’s most prevalent myths. Join our team of MythBusters for this interactive presentation as we illuminate the common myths, clarify the reality, and describe specific strategies to combat them. We will share case studies to demonstrate effective data analysis and community outreach tactics. Next time you’re faced with a myth, you will be armed with the facts and tactics to help put them to rest.

  • Recognize common disconnects between the perception and reality of parking management.
  • Evaluate community outreach tactics to combat common parking industry misconceptions.
  • Understand how to use parking program data to address myths in the parking industry.

Recruiting To Retain: The Talent Story

Presenter: Kathleen Laney, MS, Laney Solutions

Recruiting parking talent in today’s candidate market is tough to say the least, but so is retaining top performers. You may think that recruitment and turnover are two completely different things, but they are actually the beginning and end to the same story. This session examines the story of recruiting, developing, and retaining talent in today’s candidate driven, quiet-quitting, post-pandemic, hybrid workplace talent landscape.

  • Understand why a “Fit-First” approach will always win when it comes to recruiting.
  • Analyze what candidates are looking for in a new role and why they leave.
  • Create and implement a retention and development strategy for the long-term.

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