Education Sessions: Management & Leadership

IPMI Parking & Mobility Conference & Expo
July 24-27, 2022


Education Sessions: Management & Leadership

Below are sessions by date and time for the Management & Leadership Track:


Sunday, July 24

2:00  –3:00 pm 


Effective Meetings: A Workshop on How to Lead and Participate in Meetings That Matter

Presented by: Jon Forster, CAPP – Fishbeck.

Have your ever been in a meeting that wasted your time? Unfortunately, we all have - even more so with virtual meetings. Don't be that meeting organizer! There are key principles for the leader (and attendees) to get the most out of everyone's time. Learn how to lead meetings with focus and intent that people are happy to attend knowing it will be worth their time.


  • Understand how to organize effective and efficient meetings from the planning stage through following up after the meeting.
  • Apply methods to train your staff on how to be effective meeting attendees.
  • Evaluate how to focus and contain the people that routinely blow up your meetings by getting off topic.
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Monday, July 25

9:00  – 10:00 am 

Will the Real Leaders Please Stand Up?

Presented by: Vanessa Cummings, CAPP - Ms. V Consulting, LLC.

What are the qualities for effective leadership, and do they exist in my organization?  This session will look at successful leaders, how to empower leaders for peak performance, and team building. Attendees will leave equipped with Ms. V’s Top Ten Qualities for Successful Leaders.


  • Understand qualities for effective leadership.
  • Analyze leadership struggles and the potential causes.
  • Apply tools for self-assessment, mentoring, and team building.
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Tuesday, July 26

3:30  –  4:30 pm 

The Importance of Culture: How it Can Help us Achieve our Goals

Presented by: Liliana Rambo, CAPP - Houston Airport System, City of Houston.

An unrelenting focus on the guest experience continues to pay off handsomely for Houston Airports – and most important, for its millions of passengers each month. In January 2022, William P. Hobby Airport received notice that it had become the first and only five-star rated airport throughout the state of Texas and North America in the Skytrax World Airport Star Rating for 2022. Hobby Airport excelled in all 29 rating categories to achieve the exceptional honor. Achieving this status began with Houston Airport System taking a comprehensive look at their corporate strategy. They then devised a plan, centered around shifting their culture to become more customer-centric. This session will examine the road to obtaining a five-star Skytrax rating at Hobby International Airport.

  • Identify the steps to create a customer-centric service culture strategy for the team and organization.
  • Analyze ways to evaluate performance goals via a balanced score card.
  • Apply how to execute a plan against all odds.
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Wednesday, July 27

10:30  –  11:30 am 

Slow Your Roll: Managing a Project Timeline That is Simply Too Short

Presented by: Kenzie Coulson, Utah Property Management Associates, LLC

In only 16 months, the City Creek parking team wrote and issued an RFP, installed 167 lanes of PARCS, overhauled an accounts receivable system for 7,000 monthly parkers, updated branding, created a new website, and developed e-commerce options for permitting. This session highlights tactics for engaging stakeholders and addresses the idea of resilience within an operational overhaul. Learn more about this operation’s journey to digest priorities and phase an impossible project in an impossible timeline.

  • Evaluate and compare detailed ideas for stakeholder engagement.
  • Analyze real-life project issues and understand the complexities of a condensed project timeline.
  • Apply steps that may be taken to lengthen a timeline, prioritize for success, and phase a project.
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12:00  –  1:00 pm 

Measure, Manage, Maintain: 3 Ms to Prepare your Team for Continuity

Presented by: Joseph Madison, Kennesaw State University

Today's teams face new challenges to success. With many teams working virtually and team members working flexible hours, we find ourselves hitting new roadblocks to communication and continuity. Some of the basic tenants of working in tandem need to be re-examined to better maintain a consistent result. Topping that list is the process that teams use to communicate the ways we measure, manage, and maintain. We will discuss why measuring and reporting findings needs to be consistent throughout our organizations and learn to determine which areas need to be managed and maintained. This session will discuss the importance of continuity in these three tasks and evaluate tools and our teams can leverage to identify the items or resources that need to be consistently monitored. We will create a short list of ideas and tips to improve our workflow while easing the workload. This engaging and interactive session will allow you to reflect on your team’s growth trajectory. 

  • Analyze areas that need to be measured within an operation and learn to evaluate the tools used to measure within your team. 
  • Create a plan to manage the team's contribution to organizational longevity using the tools and measurements discussed. 
  • Evaluate areas that need to be maintained within organization and understand how to leverage our measurement tools to align with continuity of our management principles.
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