Learning Labs

IPMI Parking & Mobility Conference & Expo
July 24-27, 2022


Learning Labs

Learning Labs are topic specific one-hour sessions with a focus on technology and operations - both the current landscape and future trends. Sessions can also include case study examples of technology and implementation. These sessions allow for presenter(s) to actively engage with participants to promote conceptual understanding and hands-on functions to yield immediate feedback through discussion. Allows attendees the opportunity to engage with presenter(s) immediately after or in their respective booth locations without taking you off the show floor. 

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Tuesday, July 26

11:00 am - 12:00 pm

Learn How “PARCS Cloud” Software Technology Will Transform EV Charging

Presented by: Hooman Shahidi , Co-Founder & President , EVPassport, Inc.

Booth # 400

A new world in EV charging software technology is unfolding and you can participate and profit in it today. Introducing PARCS CLOUD™ by EVPassport - the first cloud software product developed exclusively for the parking industry. PARCS CLOUD thinks like parking operators think. It understands the nuances of your business, and in doing so it delivers a level of intelligence and intuitive performance not found in EV charging today. Do not miss this exciting opportunity to learn why PARCS CLOUD is a giant leap forward in EV charging infrastructure for parking revenue control systems.

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