Learning Labs

IPMI Parking & Mobility Conference & Expo
July 24-27, 2022


Learning Labs

Learning Labs are topic specific one-hour sessions with a focus on technology and operations - both the current landscape and future trends. Sessions can also include case study examples of technology and implementation. These sessions allow for presenter(s) to actively engage with participants to promote conceptual understanding and hands-on functions to yield immediate feedback through discussion. Allows attendees the opportunity to engage with presenter(s) immediately after or in their respective booth locations without taking you off the show floor. 

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Monday, July 25

9:00 am - 10:00 am

The Art and Science of Compliance 

Presented by: Ben Montgomery, President, Premium Parking

Booth #901

Compliance is about much more than enforcement. Gateless parking continues to grow in popularity making compliance a hot topic. Take a deep dive into the factors that influence parkers following the rules. Key data points to track. Important environmental and economic factors.


4:00 pm - 5:00 pm

Six Managed EV Standards Operators and Asset Owners Should Expect from All EV Services 

Presented by: Anthony Broad-Crawford, CTO; Sam Veraldi, Director, Business Development EV Charging- FLASH

Booth #849

With the growing demand and trends for EVs on the rise, there is a substantial opportunity to ensure the development of mobility for the next generation is scalable and sustainable. But across the EV charger landscape, there are reports of users seeing significant station downtime, often finding EV equipment broken or offline. Join, Anthony Broad-Crawford, the CTO of FLASH’s Gated and EV Division, and Sam Veraldi, parking veteran and new member of FLASH's EV team, to learn how implementing these Six Managed EV Standard will lead to more profitable EV services and smarter cities : 

  1. Discoverable
  2. Accessible
  3. Functional 
  4. Reservable
  5. Transparent 
  6. Seamless 

The future of mobility is electrified but only if built right and set the standards together. 

Tuesday, July 26

11:00 am - 12:00 pm

Learn How “PARCS Cloud” Software Technology Will Transform EV Charging

Presented by: Hooman Shahidi , Co-Founder & President , EVPassport, Inc.

Booth # 400

A new world in EV charging software technology is unfolding and you can participate and profit in it today. Introducing PARCS CLOUD™ by EVPassport - the first cloud software product developed exclusively for the parking industry. PARCS CLOUD thinks like parking operators think. It understands the nuances of your business, and in doing so it delivers a level of intelligence and intuitive performance not found in EV charging today. Do not miss this exciting opportunity to learn why PARCS CLOUD is a giant leap forward in EV charging infrastructure for parking revenue control systems.


Wednesday, July 27

9:00 am - 10:00 am

Networking (Not Just for IT Folks Anymore) – Shared Infrastructure Challenges and Opportunities from a Management and Operational Perspective

Presented by: Ira Powers, President, WPS USA Corp.

Booth #415

Discuss the common usage of today networking connectivity with software applications and the use of shared of a shared communication medium
•    Communication Planning (Logical and Physical Installation)
•    Security (management and unexpected changes)
•    Troubleshooting
•    Multiple Vendors on the same LAN / WAN
•    If time permits (SaaS and cloud-based connectivity via the WWW)

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