Education Sessions: The Big Picture: Industry Trends

IPMI Parking & Mobility Conference & Expo
July 24-27, 2022


Education Sessions: The Big Picture: Industry Trends

Below are sessions by date and time for the The Big Picture: Industry Trends Track:


Sunday, July 24

2:00 – 3:00 pm 

Reimagining Campus Mobility: Princeton Moves to 100% Electric Transit Operations

Presented by: Charlie Tennyson, CAPP - Princeton University; Paulo Nunes-Ueno - Nunes-Ueno Consulting; Michelle Poyourow - Jarrett Walker + Associates.

This year, Princeton’s TigerTransit fleet will be one of the few operations in the country to operate 100% electric with no diesel “safety net.” The transition to electric operations began during a bigger, year-long effort to reimagine campus mobility. Shuttles, bikeshare, carshare, on-demand service, cycling, and walking were all part of a new Campus Mobility Framework, which has changed the way the university integrates mobility and public transit into its short- and long-term plans.


  • Evaluate challenges and benefits to rolling out route changes and fleet electrification at the same time.
  • Understand how to balance the needs and desires of very different stakeholders.
  • Apply planning for bikeshare, transit, and parking systems that are complementary and integrated.
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Montreal's New Sustainable Mobility Agency: Better Sharing of Public Space and Improved Mobility Through Parking Management

Presented by: Charles de la Chevrotiere - Agence de mobilite durable de la Ville de Montreal

Join us to learn more on how Montreal's new Sustainable Mobility Agency hit the ground running and is already innovating and addressing core issues through its new governance and ongoing projects. A new era of parking management and urban mobility is on the horizon!

  • Evaluate this unique form of governance for parking and mobility management.
  • Apply parking information technology as a leverage to modal transfer.
  • Understand how curb management can facilitate the implementation of mobility projects.
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3:30 – 4:30 pm  

Safety Comes First: The Future of Enforcement, Parking Mobility, and Autonomous Vehicles

Presented by: Shawn McCormick - City and County of San Francisco (SFMTA).

To prepare for future success, agencies need to adapt parking enforcement to the new environment while considering various programs designed to help low income and underserved communities. It will be vital to address mobility program challenges to keep our curbs and sidewalks safe, and to prepare for the expansion of driverless vehicles to our cities. This session will address options and solutions to ensure safe streets and keeping our staff safe.

  • Evaluate changing programs that support impacted communities while creating and effective enforcement program.
  • Analyze mobility options that impact our streets and curbs and keeping them safe.
  • Understanding the new AV implementation on our streets and how to interact.
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Monday, July 25

9:00  – 10:00 am 

The Jetsons: The Parking Payment Systems of the Future

Presented by: Jon Martens, CAPP, AICP - Walker Consultants; Michael Tudor, CAPP - Parking Authority of River City; Mark Schleyer, CAPP - Passport Labs, Inc.

Join us for an interactive session where we jet into the future to and look at how the ever-changing currency trends may affect how we make payments for parking services. From Venmo to Bitcoin, consumers are looking for ways to pay for services beyond traditional cash or credit card.  Expanding payment options offers both benefits and risks.  When the topic comes up, be prepared to participate in the conversation.


  • Evaluate potential forward-looking payment options and processes for parking payments.
  • Understand risks when accepting non-traditional cash payments.
  • Analyze how providing non-traditional payments can provide a more inclusive solution for users.
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4:00 pm – 5:00 pm 


A Smart-Parking Program Starts With a Simple-Parking Program

Presented by: Blake Laufer, B.Sc., CAPP - Mistall Insight Inc.; Vanessa Solesbee Schnipkoweit, CAPP - Town of Estes Park.

Is your parking operation data-rich but information-poor?  Are you reactive instead of proactive?  Everyone is talking about “smart parking” these days, while many parking operations are still trying to get the basics down – things like counting, audit, revenue control, budgeting, annual work planning, and other foundational items common to most parking operations.  This session provides guidance on back-to-basics metrics with concrete examples from real parking operations.  This session is for both newbies and parking gurus.


  • Evaluate the “core four” parking metrics that form the foundation of nearly every KPI a parking operation needs, and why they matter.
  • Understand how to set appropriate expectations of all your stakeholders – your boss, your team, your customers, and your vendors – to ensure a professional parking operation.
  • Apply knowledge to elevate your parking operation to go to the next level – at any level or program size: dynamic pricing, customer engagement, communications, seamless technology integrations, and a positive reinforcement feedback cycle.

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Tuesday, July 26

11:00 am – 12:00 pm 

University Transportation's Role in Restoring the Campus Community

Presented by: Samuel Veraldi, CAPP, MBA, MURP - FLASH; Scott Fox, CAPP - University of Florida.

The University of Florida is limiting single-occupancy vehicle access to the core campus, which will create a sustainable and multi-use environment for campus events and meet-ups. Students and visitors will be compelled to navigate campus via fixed-route or on-demand campus transit, bikes, electric scooters, or walking. The less time students spend driving their own cars, the more time they will spend using shared transportation services or walking to class with their peers. This session will explore the benefits to the changes at University of Florida, as well as the challenges experienced in making those changes. 


  • Evaluate what is involved in developing a sustainable environment on college campuses.
  • Understand how to develop a plan to engage the community to create a feeling of belongingness.
  • Analyze enabling multimodal options to reduce congestion.
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3:30  – 4:30 pm 

IPMI Research & Innovation Task Force: Parking Solutions for the New Hybrid Work Environment

Presented by: Brett Wood, CAPP - Wood Solutions Group; Glenn Kurtz - Legacy Parking Company LLC; Lena Price - Auraria Higher Education Center; Tiffany Peebles - Parking Authority of River City.

The IPMI Research & Innovation Task Force is working to establish how parking programs in municipal settings and on academic campuses can begin to drive the approach to a new working environment. This presentation will include case studies of how programs are adapting through new approaches to space allocation, permit flexibility, price structure, and facility oversell.

  • Evalaute how to establish trends analyses in your data to define when and how to implement a hybrid approach to monthly parking.
  • Analyze considerations for pricing models and technology enhancements for providing hybrid parking options.
  • Understand how to establish a new approach to management and revenue streams.
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Wednesday, July 27

9:00 – 10:00 am 

Customer Success: Voice of Customer

Presented by: Brandy Stanley, CAPP, MBA - City of Las Vegas Parking Services; Brian Wolff - Parker Technology, LLC; Catherine Dunwoodie - Passport; Jeff Johnson - FLASH.

Customer success (CS) divisions are coming into the spotlight in the world of parking and mobility. In this session, attendees will have an opportunity to learn what CS means for the industry, for parking technology, and for relationships with consumers. Hear from voices at FLASH, Help Me Parker, and Passport Inc led by Las Vegas' Brandy Stanley to see how customer success benefits smart city mobility.


  • Evaluate the purpose of customer success divisions.
  • Understand key tenets of customer success.
  • Create a vision of what CS partnerships should look like.
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Structured Parking Asset Management: Planning, Designing & Maintaining During Evolving Times

Presented by: James Anderson – Master Builders Solutions US, LLC; Dave Ryan, PE - Walker Consultants; Jaime Snyder, CAPP - Walter P Moore & Associates; Matthew Repasky, PE - DESMAN

A panel of industry leading subject matter experts will explore today’s challenges of mobility and structured parking planning, design, and maintenance. Topics range from transportation network vehicle impacts on parking demand to challenges with optimizing existing structures value and serviceability under reduced utilization to contemplating the parking structure of the future. There will be an engaged question and answer portion for audience participation.


  • Evaluate the prioritization aspects of maintaining structured parking.
  • Analyze parking demand & utilization.
  • Understanding the future design and sustainability trends.
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12:00  – 1:00 pm 

Responding to Tragedy and Avoiding Disaster: Challenges & Successes in Airport Parking

Presented by: Erik Nelson, PCIP, Walker Consultants; Matthew Hoffman, Milwaukee Mitchell International Airport, A.A.E.

Join us for a case study of Milwaukee's General Mitchell International Airport PARCS Replacement.  What started as a straightforward PARCS replacement quickly turned challenging with project team turnover, procurement rules and project management direction changes.  We will discuss these challenges as well as provide an overview of the project, information technology requirements, and the ultimate benefits achieved by the Airport for its customers.

  • Analyze the scope of work for the PARCS replacement.
  • Understand the challenges faced and how that impacted the project.
  • Evaluate the ultimate outcome of the project and how the challenges were overcome.
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