Smart Cities Pavilion- City of Santa Monica

June 1 - June 2

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Smart Cities Pavilion- City of Santa Monica

City of Santa Monica: Integrated Parking and Land Use Policy Progress

The City of Santa Monica is a vibrant and scenic coastal community west of downtown Los Angeles, CA. As an innovative city with forward-looking policies, it is no surprise that Santa Monica became one of the few pioneers of scooter-sharing, bicycle-sharing and more broadly, data-driven parking management and policy-making practices. Thier goal was to manage parking in line with the broader community goals: reduce traffic congestion and greenhouse gas emissions, encourage more environmentally friendly modes of travel, and
support more sustainable land use and community development patterns.

The City partnered with Smarking to work toward these goals. Since 2017, the collaboration between the two entities has led to demand-based parking pricing and inventory management policiess, staff planning through key metrics, data visualization of their locations, improving communication and policy initiatives.
Visit the Smart Cities Pavilion during the Virtual Conference & Expo to see representatives discuss the City of Santa Monica’s integrated parking and land use policy progress.


Henry Servin, Acting Traffic and Parking Manager; City of Santa Monica

Henry has decades of experience working for Northern California cities on transportation planning and traffic management. For the past four years, Henry worked as the Parking and Traffic Manager with the City of Santa Monica in SoCal. His previous work experience includes that as City Transportation Engineer for the City of Gilroy, and the City of San Jose as a Senior Engineer, where he served as a manager for regional highway, public transit, and California High Speed Rail projects. Henry is licensed as a Professional Traffic Engineer as well as a Professional Civil Engineer. 

Jannette Choi, Account and Customer Success Manager, Smarking

Jannette Choi earned her bachelor’s degree in Civil Engineering degree at the University of California, Berkeley. She has previously worked as an engineer on Intelligent Transportation Systems planning and engineering projects at Kimley-Horn. At Smarking, she is an Account and Customer Success Manager passionate about empowering our clients to maximize the power of data within the business intelligence and yield management tool, and provide tailored consulting services to each client.

Anthony Mazeika, Parking Operations Specialist, City of Santa Monica

Anthony has been involved in the management and administration of parking programs since 2008 and has been with the City of Santa Monica since 2011.  During his time with the team, he has overseen the Downtown Parking operation, the Beach parking operation, the on-street meters, off-street lots, preferential (residential) parking, and special events.  Anthony continues to use his extensive experience with various parking operations in developing short-term and long-term parking solutions.

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