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June 1 - June 2

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Speaker Submission FAQ

Below you'll find a list of our most commonly asked questions regarding the Presentation Submission process.  If we haven't addressed your question below, feel free to contact us.


How do I do that?  The submission form is open until October 10, 2019 7:00 PM EDT.  During this time, you will have access to the Application Service Center 24-hours a day, 7 days a week to modify or continue your submission.  Be sure to hit the Save and Edit Later button after each page.  You will receive an onscreen message and email with your login and password for this area.  If you forget your login and password, email us.

We will notify selected presenters on December 2, 2019 via email.

If IPMI does not receive your speaker agreement by December 16, IPMI will seek out alternative presentations/speakers to fill your time slot and you will be removed from the program.

Yes, all speakers must be registered and paid in full prior to the event. We recommend registering in the Speaker Service Center prior to February 10, 2020 at the early-bird rate with an additional 25% speaker discount provided.

You will only be eligible to receive the 25% speaker discount if you are registered no later than April 30, 2020.

Presenters are eligible to receive a 25% discount, prior to April 30, 2020, on "full delegate" or "daily" conference registration when they register through the Speaker Service Center (SSC) after accepting the speaker agreement. IPMI Pre-Conference multi/single day programs, or Workshops are not eligible for this discount. Registration rates can be found here.

No. Because of the many types of Macs and adapters needed, IPMI will not be able to provide an adapter. You are responsible for providing your own adapter to connect to the LCD projector.

IPMI will provide the following AV materials:

  1. Podium with microphone.
  2. Wired lavaliere microphone.
  3. Panel discussion table at the front of the room.
  4. LCD projector.
  5. Presenters must supply their own laptop computers and compatible power supply. A standard VGA connection to the LCD projector and an electrical outlet will be provided at the head table or podium. If your presentation will require sound/speakers, please email us no later than April 3, 2020. 

IPMI will provide each LCD projector package with one wireless slide advancer, which must be left on the podium after each session.

No. You will not be provided with a laser pointer. If you need this piece of equipment, you will need to bring one with you.

Wi-Fi will not be available in the session rooms.  We suggest bringing your own hotspot if your presentation requires it.  

Presenters are responsible for travel and lodging accommodations, and other associated costs for this conference. These fees and costs will not be reimbursed by IPMI.

Unfortunately, we are unable to provide assistance with your hotel/accommodations.

Speakers at the IPMI Conference & Expo will not receive speaking fees or reimbursement for any expenses.


When you submit, it is with the understanding that if your presentation is selected, you will be assigned a time/date based on creating a well-balanced program. If you cannot present during the time/date assigned to you, you must notify us immediately. Request for modified time/date will be considered, but not guaranteed, and could preclude your presentation from the education program.

All panel/speaker substitutions must be communicated to Kathleen Federici, keeping in mind that IPMI retains the right to retract your offer to be a presenter.

Presenters must upload their handouts to the Speaker Service Center no later than May 10, 2020. These documents will be made available in the event mobile app for attendees to download for the day of your presentation. You are welcome to bring handouts at your own expense if you wish, but they must be uploaded ahead of time either way.

NEW for 2020: Speakers/presenters are being asked to offer an educational handout to attendees summarizing materials and key items from their session as takeaway value.  This replaces the previous requirement to post full Power Point presentations for attendee download in the Handouts section of the Speaker Service Center.  These handouts are highly encouraged to provide attendees with information that will reinforce the educational content provided during the session.  Sales materials and brochures will not be permitted to be uploaded.   

Yes. IPMI will provide each presenter with a PowerPoint slide template of various options that they will use for the purposes of continuity. Please develop your presentation PowerPoint using one of the templates provided for the event. IPMI reserves the right to include association or informational content slides to run at the beginning or end of your session. If and when these are included, you cannot remove them from the template package and they must be part of your presentation package.

Yes, IPMI requires that you use our template for building and presenting your presentation.  This is to ensure the branding and continuity of the educational program.

For the most part, IPMI does not audio/video record presentations.  On rare occassion, we may however, record a session for distribution at a later time on our social media channels or in conjunction with promotion for a future event. 

If we have recorded your session, you are certainly always welcome to a copy of it with our compliments.

We are happy to work with you on setting up videographers to capture video content of your presentation.  Please contact Bonnie Watts to discuss fees, perimeters and ownership and usage details.

Please email Kathleen Federici with questions.

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